"Oh! Hello there. My name is MOMO, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am sure we will get along quite well. If you know anything about Lost Jerusalem, or Earth, please let me know."
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"Well, the truth is, I am one. The Planet La Metal actually." she decided to tell the child the outright truth about her origin. "I seem to have ended up here due to a string of events that I cannot explain, but I feel like the Gnosis and Siren the Witch both have something to do with it." she looked at MOMO intently- she wanted to make it clear that she was not joking with her at all.

"I feel like my status of royalty is something that would attract unwanted attention- that is… many people want me dead due to events that had happened earlier in my life that I could not control. I cannot keep anything from you MOMO… you don’t deserve that." 

So that was the case—she was someone of high importance. At least, that’s what MOMO assumed but she couldn’t say for certain. Even now MOMO didn’t know a good reason as to why both of these strange entities would be after her but it only caused her to worry about the possible people around. Once she thought about it, Andromeda decided to speak to her, instead of her mother, about this secret and MOMO would make sure to keep it as such. 

"I’m sure you don’t deserve the threats. I’ll make sure to keep your identity safe." With a bit of hesitation, MOMO took a breath, "You didn’t wish to keep it hidden from me?"

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