"Oh! Hello there. My name is MOMO, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am sure we will get along quite well. If you know anything about Lost Jerusalem, or Earth, please let me know."
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Hiro looked at her.”It just depends. I know these fields have a tendency to hide monsters using the flowers here. It can be used for the perfect disguise.” he said walking as Ai then then smelled some flowers.

It made sense but it felt a bit sad that these flowers would be used a decoy for something so hideous. But for now, MOMO merely kept her eyes opened and paid attention to her surroundings for anything that may catch them off guard. 

"Then we’ll just have to be extra careful I suppose."

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Internal Misfortune.


Gaignun nodded once. “I’m fine. There’s no sense in waiting any longer.” 


Just like that, the party split in two, the bulk of its members quickly becoming specks in the distance as he and MOMO headed away. Still, a lingering sense of Jr’s presence buzzed around his mind— if he wasn’t mistaken, Jr. was keeping an eye on him.

If he should smile or weep to that, Gaignun had no idea. It was…reassuring, he couldn’t deny that, but it was shameful in qual amounts. Was Jr. not his responsibility? Weren’t their roles usually reversed? It showed in the sloppiness of Jr’s technique— it was almost like he wasn’t even trying hide it from Gaignun’s view.

Quietly, he tuned the noise out. Best to let Jr. have a victory, however small.

"…How are you holding out, MOMO?"

Good, that sounded like a plan. MOMO kept her eyes forward, making sure there were no more enemies lurking around corners or dark spaces. If she were to effectively protect Gaignun, or prevent any more stress upon his mental state, then she imagined things would go over smoothly. Would they? Her mind grazed over the thought and ignored it. 

MOMO heard him speak in her direction but didn’t turn to face him just yet. “I’m fine, nothing to speak about. I would provide you with the same question but it seems everyone have asked you already and I don’t wish to be redundant.” Her feet stopped moving, finally turning to face him. 

"I must apologize for being blunt. I’m sure my words are not helping with your current condition and in order for us to leave safely, it’s my main priority to maintain the level of stress." Didn’t she just went against her own orders? At least, she treated them as such now. They weren’t that far but had plenty of ground to make up. 


"Though I also must thank you for accompanying me here…despite the dark underlying reason." She turned her body back around to face away from him. "We’ll be there soon…"

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Anonymous sent: A little notice that someone thinks you are perfect, wonderful, and amazing. I'm always watching your threads and I'm a bit sad you no longer RP with that Rin RPer, but I understand her blog got shut down or something. Anyways I just hope MOMO is happy, she's beautiful and perfect and deserves only the best of the best!


*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! akndgksnlmsdlhfnlhslnf??? This seriously made me smile and I really had no idea how to respond.  Thank you so much, really! I’m glad that you enjoyed it and I’m honored you would send me this! MOMO is wonderful and she deserves happiness. I AGREE. Thank you so much. ♥*

*I owe Tifa, Gaignun, and Shion/KOS-MOS.*