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                                 Escape | #667 | Obey | Whisper


                                 Escape | #667 | Obey | Whisper 

- that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche (1883)



"I guess it would be a few months. After the planet was destroyed, it seemed as if nothing of it survived. But I feel as if the Essences protected some places." He explained.

It was interesting to hear about, even if she wasn’t too sure on how it was possible that certain Essences were lingering enough for them to encounter. But with a simple nod, MOMO smiled. “At least we can find some lingering around.” Carefully, she took a few steps back. “Are you ready?”

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ケイコス、赤桃 by 篠はると

ケイコス、赤桃 by 篠はると

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The 4th icon in your folder is your muses reaction to hearing someone walking in their house at midnight.

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She stood out from the rest, that was for sure. Probably a lot like Reimi did but in a completely different way. Was it the clothes that they wore? She wanted to say it was the color of her hair maybe even… but It really might have just been the fact that she was so perfectly adorable that it was impossible not to notice her.


No matter the reason, Reimi approached her. “I’m not sure if you could help me, but I’m looking for information. Nothing specific but I’ve only just gotten here and I was hoping to learn more about this place.” Information booth? Something? There wasn’t a whole lot their ship could tell them and a simple name just wasn’t enough to quell her curiosity.

Fifth Jerusalem was bustling with activity as always; she’s grown accustomed to it. The fact was that it really was no problem. MOMO enjoyed spending time on an actual planet, despite the ship they stayed on could be classified as its own, but it was nice nonetheless. Free time was upon them….she had the chance to do whatever she wanted for the day. An exciting thought, wouldn’t you say?

Briefly, MOMO prepared herself to head in no particular direction, allowing herself to run into anything that may catch her eye but someone else ran into her first. Not literally, of course, but the woman asked a question that MOMO could happily answer. “This is Fifth Jerusalem. Are you here on business?” The woman’s clothing was a style she hasn’t seen before; where did she originate from? Maybe she got them from a store she’s never heard of.